Software Development

Embedded Firmware With the rapid rise of “Smart Devices”, increasingly more microcontrollers and microprocessors are being used within electronic devices. Riyanix is specialized in a wide range of these microcontrollers including but not limited to: ARM, PSoC, PIC, STM, and Atmel. Whether the firmware needed is for a consumer device, medical device, or industrial application, Riyanix can provide the needed firmware development, consulting, and/or support.

Automated Tested Code Sometimes the software is already developed and the code base has started to become very large to a point where having someone test every part manually is not feasible. Riyanix can develop testing frameworks around your software to provide quicker evaluation and easier repeatability. This allows for your development team to focus more on updates rather than searching for bugs.

GUI Interface

important source The end users in industrial and consumer markets are looking for simpler and easier ways to access and control their systems and data. A Graphic User Interface (GUI) provides a platform for users to interact with the system without a complex learning curve. Riyanix’s graphic designers and software developers work closely with one another and the end customer to provide the most simple and appealing interfaces.

Custom Drivers

hop over to here There are many different devices that can interface with Personal Computers, laptops, and Point of Sales Systems. Many of these devices will have drivers that let the user interact with the devices. However, sometimes the device drivers will become outdated to a specific operating system or the device never had drivers to begin with. Riyanix is specialized in creating software drivers for Linux, Microsoft, and their respective embedded counterparts.

Server Side Software

hop over to this web-site For devices that need heavy computational power, complex networking, or just parse collected data, specialized hardware, usually running an operating system like Linux, Windows, or Mac, are used. In order to provide the above functions, special software on the machine, called Server Side Software, will be needed. Riyanix is able to develop this code for many different types of applications on a range of operating systems.

Maintenance & Support

rencontre linguee Technology is advancing at an alarming rate, and some software is being updated on a bi-monthly basis in order to keep up with the security vulnerabilities and stay compatible with the new or updated operating systems. Riyanix focuses on the fore-front of technology in order to provide services to keep a customer’s system up-to-date and eliminate bugs.