Remote Monitoring

check this site out Agricultural is an around the clock industry. The growth continues even when you are not there. Irrigation systems, fertilizer applications, power usage, and other necessary steps need constant attention. Depending on the size of your operation, there may be multiple people using tractors, combines or other vehicles. Riyanix has the tools to allow you to remotely monitor the function of your systems and equipment from anywhere via a smartphone or tablet.

Inventory Management Agricultural inventory and assets include physical items such as feed, tools and machinery, land and facilities, and cattle. Riyanix understands that these resources are important to your success. We can provide you with personalized and affordable technology which will assure you of the safety and security of your resources.

Prediction Analysis

go to my site As an agriculturalist, you understand better than most the importance of forecasts and projections. We understand that importance, too. Riyanix will work with you to develop the applications and hardware needed to give you the information you need to make accurate predictions.

Manage Equipment Remotely In addition to monitoring your systems and equipment remotely, Riyanix can deliver tools that will help you to manage those systems and equipment effectively. The supervision of systems such as power usage, heating and cooling, and the control of farm machinery can be managed from wherever you are.

Asset Management

web para conocer solteros Your assets represent a significant investment. They are the tools you need to accomplish the work at hand. Riyanix has developed systems that will remotely let you know what assets you have, where those assets are located, and how well they are functioning.

Theft Prevention

next You have a lot invested in your operation. Beyond your time and energy, you have invested in equipment, facilities, and livestock. Riyanix develops tracking systems that will enable you to keep these important resources safe. The system sends an alert when a theft is detected, informs you of where the theft is taking place, and then continues to track your asset for eventual recovery.